Thanks to over 45 years of experience, Flor de Jamaica is a reference point in the national market for excellent coffee. A unique and exquisite flavour enjoyed by millions of people.


365 days a year.

One of our great values is the technical assistance that we offer 365 days a year.

We ensure exclusive and effective monitoring of all our facilities and equipment by means of our maintenance book.


We install this filter so that our clients don’t have to treat the coffee machine or worry about its maintenance.
As a result, we ensure that the quality of the coffee remains constant. Bearing in mind that 98% of a cup of coffee is water, we remove particles suspended in the water and incrustations of limescale in the machine (this prevents mechanical breakdowns).
It contains active carbon, which eliminates the taste and smell of chlorine and stabilises the chemical elements of water, thus improving the cream and flavour of the coffee in the cup.
We install two models:

Model M
Regeneration up to 450 kg coffee or 4,500 L of water.

Model XL
Regeneration up to 800 kg coffee or 8,000 L of water. According to studies, the consumption of water per kg of coffee is 10 L including steam and infusions. Filters should be changed every 12 months in any model; up to 18 months before replacing.
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