Thanks to over 45 years of experience, Flor de Jamaica is a reference point in the national market for excellent coffee. A unique and exquisite flavour enjoyed by millions of people.



Compostable, biodegradable capsules

At Flor de Jamaica we dedicate this month to compostable capsules.

Committed to the environment and innovation. That is why our coffee is available in compostable capsules, created from materials of biological origin. Under optimal conditions of humidity, temperature and oxygen, these capsules degrade completely.

Compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines

In this format, we have four varieties of coffee:

Gourmet. Designed to satisfy the demands of the most exclusive customer, who seeks pleasure in each cup. It comes from the most prestigious and select farms and origins in the world, 100% Arabica variety. Rainforest Alliance certifies the cultivation of the land protecting forests, soils, waterways and wildlife habitat and ensures that agricultural workers benefit from decent wages, safe working conditions, decent housing, health care and schools to their children.

1967 Classic. Soft, sweet coffee with a fruity flavor, with a very low caffeine content. It comes from Arabic origins from the largest coffee producers in the world, 100% Arabica variety.

Organic coffee. Organic coffee is grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, using only natural methods. Organic coffee growing is presented as a healthy and sustainable alternative, 100% organic coffee.

Decaffeinated. Decaffeinated coffee with a delicate fruity flavor and intense aroma. All the flavor of coffee, without caffeine.

Online order information


We inform that on Holy Thursday and Good Friday (April 1 and 2) no orders will be sent.

Since the transport agencies do not work, pending orders will arrive in 48h from Monday.



Father's Day

Good morning!
Today, March 19, we celebrate Father's Day again. We are living through some very turbulent months that lead us to value more than ever the most essential of our lives. And of course, our father will always be one of those pillars on which, whatever happens, we can always lean on.

Let's also remember to share our perfect moments with them, like those that are lived around a cup of gourmet coffee. From Flor de Jamaica we invite you to be as close to your father as you can, whether it is physically or through a video call.…/nuestro…/133-cafe-gourmet-1k.html

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