01Coffee cherries are individually picked by hand just as they are ripened to perfection.

02The farmers transport the coffee cherries by hand or by animal to the beneficio (name given to the processing facility), where the pulp is separated from the coffee bean.

03The coffee is processed using the “wet” method to separate the pulp from the bean.

The beans are washed with clean, pure water to ferment for 20 to 30 hours in order to achieve the characteristic flavour of each origin.

04The beans are left to dry in the sun, covering vast surfaces.

05The coffee is then selected by hand to eliminate impurities and defective beans.

06The processed coffee is stored for later export.

07The coffee is transported to Spanish ports on large container ships.

08Once at our facilities, the coffee is graded and stored for subsequent processing.

09Using the most precise and modern machinery, and the experience of our roast-masters, we parametrise the exact roasting times in each of our origins.

10We package the roasted beans into the different formats and blends that we sell.

11 The coffee is distributed to clients via our own fleet of vehicles.

12 This long journey culminates in the real pleasure of enjoying the exquisite flavour of a cup of Arabica coffee, thanks to the sacrifice and experience of so many people who truly love this magnificent product.

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