Thanks to over 45 years of experience, Flor de Jamaica is a reference point in the national market for excellent coffee. A unique and exquisite flavour enjoyed by millions of people.



Compostable capsules

Good Morning!
It's Friday and to celebrate we have a surprise for you in our rag shop!
Starting today, with the purchase of 1 coffee bag and 1 bag of decaffeinated coffee, with 10 capsules in each bag, we give you a can of coffee!
What are compostable capsules? They are an innovative solution to reduce the impact of materials such as plastic and aluminum on our planet, these capsules, under optimal conditions of humidity, temperature and oxygen, are completely degraded, in addition our capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines.

A taste that fall in love

In flor de Jamaica we love that you go deeper and deeper into the world of coffee, and we would love to help with that. Coffee has a wide variety of aromas and flavors, today we want to share with you the reference wheel to flavors grouped into four large blocks: salty, sweet, sour and bitter. We encourage the next time we find you enjoying a good coffee flor de Jamaica, try to take out and enjoy all its flavor Happy day!


Region de Murcia day

This Sunday, June 9 we celebrate the day of the Region of Murcia with a good coffee.

Enjoy your perfect moment in Murcia.

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