Flor de Jamaica in the race "Invictus"

Yesterday Sunday the "Invictus" race was held in Molina de Segura.

Our team and our boring team were there offering the participants a coffee before their career.

We enjoyed a very fun and sporting day.

Flor de Jamaica con eWoman

La Opinión de Murcia awarded 3 awards to three women from Murcia. Flor de jamaica collaborates in this business event where the woman s the prop.

An excellent conference in Murcia to showcase the success stories of women who have stood out for their professional trajectory and their leadership in the digital environment.


Flower of Jamaica collaborates in the EWOMAN 2017 awards

La Opinión de Murcia awards 3 awards to 3 women from Murcia. Flor de jamaicacollaborates in this business event where the woman is the defender.

La Opinión de Murcia will deliver at the end of the event 3 awards in 3 categories:

eWoman 2017 Business Online
eWoman 2017 Professional career
eWoman 2017 Digital Arts and Social Networking
30157 Algezares, Murcia
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